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Real estate investments
A clever investment solution is the Greek real estate market, which has beautiful beaches, mountains for touring like Olympus, many Ionian Islands such as Corfu, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Aegean Islands and the Dodecanese, Rhodes, Crete Mykonos, Santorini.

There are rivers and lakes, many thermal springs and caves, many archaeological sites from Ancient Greece. An Athens with the Parthenon, a Macedonia of Alexander the Great, the Holy Mountain on the Halkidiki Peninsula, Meteora in Central Greece and a host of other places throughout Greece.

Universities and institutions exist in all major cities, and the great building and tourism development of the last 70 years by local and foreign investors is evident. During the last years of the financial crisis in Greece, many foreign buyers, non-European, appeared for GOLDEN VISA real estate.

Golden Visa Properties
There are many properties available for foreign buyers in Greece, especially in our beautiful islands and inland. Many wealthy people who have met Greece through its history and Greek culture, visit our country every summer and buy houses and spend the summer months enjoying the Greek sun and Greek culture. Others buy more than 250,000m of property to acquire GOLDEN VISA and expand their business in Europe. Recently sales have been made in Athens and other parts of Greece by Chinese, Turkish, Israeli and other investors.

Real Estate Appraisals
The extensive sales experience gained since 1978, the attendance of special seminars in Greece and abroad for many years, the scientific training in the schools of KEK of GSEVEE AND PA MAK and my 20 years election, from the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki , as a real estate expert appraiser at the Thessaloniki Court of First Instance, ranks us as the top real estate appraisers in Greece.

Property management, promotion and finding
In order to trust the landlord and outsource the property to a broker, he must have proof of confidence in a trusted real estate agent who can manage it and be able to forward it to local and foreign investor buyers.

At the first visit to the property, we form an opinion, make an appropriate assessment and prepare the property file with all the necessary supporting documents and documents and the signed order of the property owner with all the details of the property, the agreed amount and the amount. agreed brokerage fee. The result is specified and the contract is signed soon.

Buyers looking to find the property they want, will go through our office because they know that we have a very large range of properties in all categories, and in addition they have a great choice.

Honesty, honesty, truthfulness, reliability, study for the purpose intended for the property are data, and the amount of the purchase is estimated and certified with our office stamp.

Finally, our advertising agency is our own clients, who have been trusted by us and their scientific and technical advisors who have worked together to sign the contract.

Legal technical accounting support

Our office provides legal, technical, accounting and appraisal support, working with the top of the line and with the most experience in real estate matters.

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