Realty Ktimatoependitiki About us

Est 1978
The company "Realty Real Estate" was founded in 1978 in Thessaloniki and specializes in finding, managing and promoting Golden Visa investment and real estate throughout Greece. It has acquired a portfolio of over 4,000 real estate a year and over 10,000 clients, making it the most reliable real estate company and the best real estate consultant. and 42 years of prominent position at the top of the pyramid of the Greek real estate market.

High yielding properties

We have a wide range of high yielding properties. You can obtain them without a commitment of equity by having strategic partnerships with the largest banks in Greece. Working with our office we provide mortgage and investment loans on extremely competitive terms.

Properties all over Greece

Realty Real Estate Investments recognized all over Greece as a trusted real estate company, has been awarded many real estate properties, resulting in a wealth of experience, knowledge, professionalism and ethical principles and provides high quality services to its clients. making them available to similar investors and buyers locally and overseas.

Deep knowledge and technological excellence

Based on knowledge and a professionally structured environment all clients benefit from the reliable and professional services we offer in the wider real estate area. With the aim of providing reliable services and information for every personal and commercial investment, the company holds such a position that to be recognized as one of the most trusted solution companies for its customers. Using the latest technology developments, our company is at the top of the web information land for investment and Golden Visa real estate in Greece, a position it uses to best promote its clients' properties and to serve its clients faster. Our technological excellence combined with personal touch, service and result three important factors that make a decisive contribution to the success of “Realty Real Estate Investment”. The result with our clients is to develop a friendship, a trust, and to become their own real estate consultant.

We are at your disposal and believe in a very good cooperation with you

Realty Ktimatoependitiki

Founded in 1978

The experts in investment and golden visa properties

42 years at the top of the Greek real estate market

4,000+ properties
7,000+ customers

properties with rental yield up to 10%

loan mediation

excellent properties all over Greece

friendly service, ethical principles and technological excellence